Game For Gamers – It’s Time To Score!

“Watch out ladies – everyone knows that gamers are already equipped with the best strategies for killing noobs. With the right cheats and tricks, we’re pretty sure they’ll be total lady slayers, too.

Hot girls love gamers! Click on the link below to RT!”

Created by @TarynSouthern

Directed by @SeanBecker

Taryn Southern –
Megan Stevenson –
Rachel Specter –

Chris Darnell, Director of Photography
Brigida Santos, Production Coordinator
Ryan Knouf, Sound
Chris Walters, Gaffer
Zak Ettlinger, Swing G & E
Juli Hapney, Makeup Artist
Carolyn Klarecki, Production Assistant
Chris Wehe, Production Assistant

Edited by: Sean Becker and Taryn Southern

Special Thanks to Robin Perine and her amazing studio space! For licensing inquiries please email us at

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